Kinds of E-sport odds in different games

Professional players in bookmakers (handicappers, bettors) earn decent money on betting. For them, this is not entertainment, but good investment with increased risks. The correct calculation of probabilities allows them to “beat” the line of the bookmaker and get rich without leaving the house. The main audience of players puts on the most popular sports – football, hockey, tennis, basketball. But there are handicappers with a narrower specialization: they put exclusively on E-sports – this is a relatively new, but very promising line of betting business.

What can you put in eSports?

At its core, e-sports bets are not much different from other types of bets. If you have already bet on football, tennis, cricket and any other sport, then the principle is clear to you: choose an event, compare odds, give your prediction and correlate its probability with that offered by the bookmaker. The following varieties are most popular in “cyber”.

  • Exodus: classic bet, popular in all sports. Beginners recommend putting it on the outcome – to win, lose or draw. They only put on a draw in eSports if there are even numbers of cards in a match (game locations in which participants compete). The advantage of this type of betting is simplicity: the bookmaker offers you his probabilities, and you agree or disagree with it. There are bets on the outcome in all types of cyber disciplines.
  • First Blood. “First Blood” is a specific rate, characteristic only for E-sports. An analogue can be considered a bet on the first goal in football. The essence of First Blood is to predict which team will first destroy the enemy hero. Basically this type of bet is used when playing live. The first blood is “shed” usually at the beginning of the match. The danger of this bloodthirsty bet is that the first kill does not always make a stronger team.
  • Total kills. The total is similar to the bets on the total number of goals in football or pucks in hockey. You have the right to bet on the total number of murders in a battle, on the number of murders in one round or on a specific card.

Counter Strike GO betting

According to experienced gamers, the best way to hit the jackpot in this game is to bet on “faithful” with a gradual increase in the bank. In the event that the favorites have excellent motivation, and the tournament is accompanied by an impressive prize pool, the chances of “plum” are much less. Thus, players get the opportunity to receive income, which will be small, but stable. If the E-sports tournament has minor prizes, it is necessary to act differently. The principle of finding outsiders and betting on their defeat will help achieve a positive outcome. It is possible to earn extra money due to the fact that the game of overvalued favorites is distinguished by responsibility and discipline. You can apply the above strategy for insignificant matches that are in all prestigious competitions.


All the above warnings are of particular relevance when it comes to such a cyber game as DOTA. It should be understood that here any e-sports bet cannot be absolutely risk-free. Therefore, professionals recommend betting on outsiders, following the strategy described above. The result of the fight is influenced by a variety of factors – from the choice of the game character to the level of team play. An equally important role has such an indicator as an individual skill, as well as decision-making by each team member. It is worth noting that competitions in this game have been going on for the past six years, and during this period of time none of the teams participating in tournaments has shown itself to be stable. And if, for example, in the competition for CS: CS, a rating of favorites has been formed for a long time, regularly winning battles, then Dot still keeps the betters in suspense.