Match predictions in E-sport competitions

The world of eSports in all disciplines began to develop rapidly due to the huge popularity around E-sports betting. This is true. The stakes are now at the peak of relevance, because absolutely anyone can pour a skin on a team that appeals to him more on many sites.

How to analyze matches

Here is the most interesting. There are many factors to consider when analyzing. We will list the most basic and basic ones:

  • Analysis of previous team results. Everything is easy here. We go to any site where the results of team matches are stored, for example, or, we find the match we need and see how the teams played before. We are watching approximately 4-5 matches, as those that have not interested us for a long time.
  • Analysis of personal meetings of teams. Again, go to the page of the match and see how the teams played each other before. This information shows how teams understand each other, what style of play has an advantage in this matchup and other useful data.

How to analyze eSports matches of CS: GO

  • Analysis of possible maps. We need to roughly imagine which team cards can be chosen and banned, and then just compare the win rate and the percentage of wins on the cards that remain. On most sites, such statistics can be easily found and compared.
  • Analysis of the preparation and configuration of teams. To do this, we find the Steam profile of the players and look at the number of their hours in CS: GO lately. Next, go to the social profile of the players (for example, Twitter) and look for info about readiness for the match.

Cybersport is no longer just rushing forward. It is developing by leaps and bounds and with each new tournament attracts more and more attention to itself. The teams acquire new fans, and also try to demonstrate a high-quality and interesting game. However, not everyone wants to just watch what is happening on the screen, but they also want to make money on their ability to analyze events that have already happened, and also to predict the outcome of forthcoming events. On the one hand, the developers are constantly trying to make various adjustments to their creations that make the gameplay more interesting, thus a certain strategy is formed, in accordance with which most teams build their game. But there are those groups that for many years of performances have already managed to earn the reputation of distinctive and not similar teams, so their performances can reveal a number of characteristics that are evident and visible to the naked eye.

  • NaVi. The most popular and well-known organization in the world, which made its entire media component back in the years of its stable performance, Chocta and Dendi, now continues to reap the fruits of its former popularity, not playing at such a high level.
  • Dota 2. It is “Born to win” that is the most media organization in the world, and any news in which this name is indicated immediately gains a lot of likes and views simply because it is the very first team that managed to win the main e-sports tournament of our time – The International. Yes, an interesting phrase was invented against them: “Never bet on NaVi, never bet against NaVi, which indicates their absolute instability, but some features are still visible to the naked eye.
  • Counter Strike. Unlike their colleagues in the organization, the shooters look more confident, they are much more likely to become winners of various championships, showing a rather cool game, but if you can say something about this team.
  • FIFA 19. FIFA bets have not received such a large spread, due to the small number of tournaments, but sometimes this can be used quite well for a number of reasons. Firstly, more experienced and strong players lose incredibly rarely. You can with great probability claim the victory of one or another favorite. Secondly, if the format implies a bo-3 meeting, it almost always stretches to all three matches, as players try to correct the situation after the first misfire, which is obtained in the overwhelming number of cases. And thirdly, you need to play on performance. Group stages, as a rule, are very productive, so the total breaks through there, the goals flow like a river, but everything becomes stricter in the playoffs, so putting less on the total becomes very profitable and pleasant, this option almost fails.

Every beginner bettor who wants to make money on bets is faced with a dilemma about which direction he or she should choose, what kind of sport matches to analyze and disassemble. Recently, E-sports is gaining increasing popularity, as there are many exciting tournaments for various computer games, which are not only interesting to watch, but also enjoyable to put.